Joey Jeremiah Fashion 1.3


DJH S1E3: The Experiment

DJHS1E3 Joey Wheels

I have to admit, Joey and Wheels look pretty B.A. in their denim. Okay mostly Wheels because he is not wearing a beret.


DJHS1E3 Joey2

Speaking of this beret… I seem to recall that in DH Arthur returns from France wearing a beret, and Yick tells him it makes him look like a nerd. Joey seems to think he looks pretty awesome in one.

You know, I had one as a child in the early 90s… a purple one. And I thought it was the coolest thing ever.


DJHS1E3 Joey3

Joey “F” Jeremiah. F – for Farmacy.

Joey the drug dealer wears shades in dark stairwells, further covered by a track jacket and classic fedora.


DJHS1E3 Joey4

LOVING the HD closeup of Joey, allowing us to see the detail of his new shirt.


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