Kathleen Mead Fashion 1.3


DJH S1E3: The Experiment

DJHS1E3 Melanie Kathleen 1.5 DJHS1E3 Melanie Kathleen 1 DJHS1E3 Melanie Kathleen 1.6

Kathleen is sporting a blue sweater and white headband the day she decides she’s ready to do drugs.


DJHS1E3 Kathleen Melanie

Kathleen is ready for more illicit substances on Day 2, wearing a white button down under a black sweater vest, paired with a blue & black checkered skirt.


DJHS1E3 Kathleen Melanie 2

The sweater vest appears to be a favorite of Kathleen’s. I rather like her color combos today: grey headband, grey button down, black sweater vest, and red skirt (or maybe pants)?). Love!

PS – They’re *high*


DJHS1E3 Kathleen 2 DJHS1E3 Kathleen 3

Kathleen still manages to look sketchy in this super cute pink-on-pink ensemble. I adore the pink fuzzy sweater.


DJHS1E3 Kathleen 4

Again with the sweater vest! This time we see it paired with a baby pink button down, and more of this funky crumply collar thing I’ve been seeing!


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