Melanie Brodie Fashion 1.5


DJH S1E5: The Great Race

DJHS1E5 Melanie 1

Melanie wears a big old white short sleeved button down with that dissheveled collar thing going on. She also has some sort of a skinny, loosened tie on? I can’t quite make it out. And let’s not forget the…. you guessed it! Peasant skirt.

DJHS1E5 Melanie 2 DJHS1E5 Melanie 2.2

Perhaps Melanie’s first day in a bra shouldn’t have been in a tiny crop top. Regardless, she looks super cute in a pale pink cropped tee and high-waisted long beige skirt.

DJHS1E5 Melanie 3

After the day of teasing, Mel reverts back to her old style. Red plaid button down, that scarf-tie thing, peasant skirt, and a red headband.


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