Stephanie Kaye Fashion 1.5


DJH S1E5: The Great Race

DJHS1E5 Steph 1.2 DJHS1E5 Steph 1

Oh look! Steph got a new shirt! It’s actually pretty cute. Looks like t-shirt material. White with tiny colored stripes and green ruffly sleeves. Also has a cute tie at the bottom front.

DJHS1E5 Steph 2.2 DJHS1E5 Steph 2.3

DJHS1E5 Steph 2

Steph is all glammed up for the great swim race with extra-teased hair, pink tube top, and mint green shirt. Wowza!


Steph and Joey 1

Steph is in flirt mode, clad in a red getup and some extra jewelry.


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