Random Fashion 1.9

DJH S1E9: What A Night!
Airdate: 1987

To wrap up Episode 9, we will now use this time to take a look at the other fashionable (or not so much) sights I saw in this episode.

rando 2

NICE. This is the store Lucy likes to steal from? Whatever. Looks like something Nancy might wear, actually.

rando 3

Ah, the turtleneck under the sweatshirt. Maybe it’s just not a thing because it’s not cold where I live, but this look is magically dated to me. Although, a woman I work with still does this, and I like it!


This random Damon King fan was just adorable. And she was wearing head-to-toe grey and navy stripes. It reminds me of the stuff my mother used to dress me in.


Mean teacher face! This sweater is actually really very cool. Black with large turquoise floral pattern. Let’s not forget to mention the long pearl necklace and matching earrings!


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