Shane McKay Fashion 1.11

DJH S1E11: It’s Late!
Airdate: 1987

Shane 1.2 Shane 1

Shane wears a black and white checkered buttondown shirt over a black turtleneck. He’d probably get beat up for wearing this, growing up with me in the South, but hey, Canada’s cold I hear.

Shane 2.2 Shane 2

Do you see this creepy smile? This is Shane trying to reach out to Spike. Like WUT? Looks like he is plotting to kill her or something. Anyway, as we know by now, Shane is notorious here at Broomheadz for wearing track pants with buttondown shirts. I just can’t stop looking at this ensemble and trying to make sense of it. But I can’t really make sense of leggings as pants either, maybe this is just the boy version of rebellion against pants.

Shane 3

Ah, doomsday. The day they found out. Love the brown leather jacket, but that doesn’t help undo what he did!


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