Spike Nelson Fashion 1.11

DJH S1E11: It’s Late!
Airdate: 1987

Time for the star of the show.

Spike 1.2 Spike 1.3

I can’t say enough how much I LOVE this look. It’s so 80s, mature woman, androgynous, punk rock, all at the same time! Somehow a blazer with shoulderpads becomes totally awesome when Spike rocks it.

Spike 2.2  Spike 2.3   Spike 2

Day 2 of Spike’s crappy life. She wears a red-brown cardigan over a white cowlneck sweater, …socks over pants again!?.. red-brown socks over her black tapered pants, and these awesome black pointy shoes I can’t quite make out.

Spike 1 Spike 2.4 Spike 2.5  Spike 3

Last but not least, Spike’s winter looks! Her giant shoulderpadded coat is so cute on her, especially since she’s so tiny. I love the scarves. Check the use of double-scarf in the last image!


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