Snake Simpson Fashion 1.12

DJH S1E12: Parent’s Night
Airdate: 1987

Snake 1.2 Snake 1.3 Snake 1.4

I’ve got a nice Snake spread for you all today. We start of with this bizarre cat t-shirt. It looks kind of familiar but I can’t place it. Yellow is one of his go-to colors, and I love it with his ginger-blonde complexion. I guess somewhere in the day he changes pants – from jeans to his blue tie-dyed capris that we saw in DJHS1E1.

Snake 1

Snake looks cozy in a neutral winter getup.

Snake 2

Are you seeing this?! What’s happening here! Granddad buttoned sweater, yellow-orange marbled colored shorts, and… black tights? With white socks over them? I’m really not sure.

Snake 3 Snake 4

Signature blue jacket with super cool spring-break-bro sunglasses.


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