Ships. (?!?!)

I’m probably like the ONLY person in the world who doesn’t understand this “shipping” and combining of names to represent a couple. But… what is this? WTF people.


People used to do that when two people spent so much time together “they were practically one person” – if Joe and Sally are so obsessed with each other that they’re never apart, people would jokingly refer to them as Jally. And then there was Brangelina, the exceptionally popular celebrity couple that got their own special name which in turn spurned a cultural disease. Ships.

So apparently, now, if you’re dating, you’re automatically Soe or whatever obnoxious name combination people can think of. And there’s no standard! If you want to call them Camaya, do it, if you want to call them Mam, do it! Be as annoying as you want!


And what the hell is shipping? That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. And endgame? WTF does OTP stand for? Like, where am I?


And what’s with the obsession with relationships in the first place?! You know, on DJH and DH, and even TNG, some people never dated at all! Or dated only a couple of people! Now everyone dates everyone and their dead brother!


Back in the day, there used to be more important concerns besides dramatic relationships and careless sex!


And what’s with this term fandom? That’s about annoying as shit. I hate to be lumped in with these shipping teeny boppers comprising a fandom of “omg i luv her i wish i was as pretty as her”. This, my friends, is a different type of blog, you can rest assured.

What has Degrassi – and its audience – become? Anyone else out there feeling this way?



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