Stephanie Kaye Fashion 1.13

DJH S1E13: Revolution
Airdate: 1987

Alright folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Stephanie Kaye!

Steph 1.2 steph 1

“Joey, go jump in a lake.” Steph is so irresistible in those pink leggings, she has to fight off the guys.

Steph 2

Okay, I guess Lucy and Steph both have this “thunderbird” sweater. Love it.

Steph 3 Steph 3.2 Steph 3.3

Steph looks like a total queen today with sky-high hair and a pink top with pink accessories. Can you believe Wheels turned her down!?

Steph 4.2 Steph 4

I adore this look – so playful! So feminine! So 80s! Steph kills in this pink dress, pears, and high side pony with a bow!

Steph 5

Operation Make Wheels Jealous is in full swing. Steph has on an awesome ensemble of navy, red, and turquoise in her usual mini skirt & tube top silhouette.

Steph 6.2 steph 6

Teased hair clipped to the side, white graphic tube top, and white high waisted mini skirt cinched with a blue belt.

Steph, your appearance in episode 13 was a success!


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