Minor Character Fashion 2.1

DJH S2E1: Eggbert
Airdate: 1988

Rando 1

Here, have a random character. Her face looks disgusted as she talks about her baby daddy’s parents. This pregnant girl from Spike’s counseling group wears a very oversized pink t-shirt, and awesome tapered jeans. And… I wonder if that Joey-hat is hers?

Do you ever stop and wonder… where is that actress now? Does she ever think about how she had a line in Degrassi Junior High 30 years ago?

Random 2

I have another rando from my files: the pregnant teens counselor. I couldn’t pass this up. She’s got a short sleeve sweater over a long sleeved button down with a vigorously popped collar and a silver locket. I’d listen to what she says.


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