Mrs. McKay Fashion 2.1

DJH S2E1: Eggbert
Airdate: 1988

The degree to which Shane’s parents are old-fashioned makes me uncomfortable. When I’m 70 I’m gonna be wearing a t-shirt, maybe with basketball shorts, when I’m in my house.

Shanes Parents

Mrs. McKay is all buttoned and tied up in this collared blouse with a bow around the neck. Maybe she inspired Voula. She’s got this really uptight-lady hairdo and is complete with jewelry for a maximum card-playing experience.

Shanes Mom 1

Eeek! Still in full business casual attire while she’s baking, only to make herself more comfortable she’s thrown on an apron.

I just think it’s funny that people get fully dressed, shoes and all, just to be inside their own house. My parents and grandparents do it and everything. But as soon as I get home, regular people clothes come right off! Ugh!


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