Spike Nelson Fashion 2.1

DJH S2E1: Eggbert
Airdate: 1988

Spike 1 Spike 2 Spike 3

Spike is hangin out with her pregnant teen homegirls for some counseling. She’s got on some converse, white pants, a super cool big t-shirt, and an open vest. Also I could not ignore the girl to her left wearing these mint-colored overalls with a matching shirt. Very… pregnant-y.

Spike 4 Spike 5 Spike 6

Another dreary day at school. Spike is wearing what looks to be the same white pants, with the same shoes. She’s got an oversized pink button down with a black belt and black vest on. Very cool.

Spike 7

I really liked this ensemble of a loosely-knit sweater over a white tee with a blue plaid skirt, and tons of silver chain necklaces.

Spike 8 Spike 9 Spike 10

Spike looks very motherly sitting in that rocking chair. Anyway, I have to fawn over this outfit. She’s got on an adorable baby pink v-neck sweater with ling pink pearls. Her capris are white with black polka dots! And she’s sporting the Chucks again. Absolutely love!


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