Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.1

DJH S2E1: Eggbert
Airdate: 1988

Stephanie’s dressing more… conservatively now. I can’t wrap my head around this change!

Steph 1 Steph 2 Steph 3 Steph 4

Today Steph dons a Voula-esque pink, ruffly, long-sleeved blouse with a grey belted skirt. Her style still has a degree of playfulness with the pink hair clip. And farewell, skanky clothes! Into the trash > into Alexa’s hands they go!

Steph 5 Steph 6

Okay, first of all I will point out Steph’s hair tie. I’m not sure what they are officially called, but I read that some people called them “ball-balls” or “bobbles”. I just LOVE these, I need to find some! This is a grown-up Stephanie favorite. I love this yellow button down with a pink and green floral pattern. She pairs it with a pink blazer, grey skirt, and – lookie there – a little bit of old Steph remains, in her pink butterfly belt!


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