Heather Farrell Fashion 2.2

DJH S2E2: A Helping Hand…
Airdate: 1988

Erica Heather

I know I just showed this photo in my last post, but now we must examine Heather, in her pink shorts, white top, with her twinsie jean jacket.

Heather 1 Heather 5  Heather 6 Heather 4

Heather’s got on a big white tee with a red vest over it. I’m not sure what you call this piece. Anyway, we barely see it, but she’s also wearing an awesome blue skirt with multi-colored polka dots! I am such a fan.

Heather 2 Heather 3    .

Heather tucks her white tee into a jean skirt and pairs it with, of course, her big ol’ jean jacket.

Heather 7

I was thinking to myself, no no no, this is Erica! But wait – Erica has short hair… It’s gotta be Heather! Anyway, she’s got a lazy style today, wearing a yellow sweatshirt.


Okay guys… I just noticed these simply because the episodes were so close together….. Who wore it better?!

The red vest:


The polka dot skirt:



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