Liz O’Rourke Fashion 2.3

DJH S2E3: Great Expectations
Airdate: 1988

Liz 1 Liz 2 Liz 3

Yeah, yeah, great, now Liz is “officially” a character. She totally sucks, but after a couple of years of looking at her, I think she’s cute when her lips aren’t pursed together, and I like a lot of her clothes. But for the record, SHE SUCKS and I HATE HER.

Anyway, she makes her grand entrance into Degrassi Junior High hoping that none of us have noticed she’s been in the classes and hallways from the beginning. She wears a black tank over a white tank, making sure we all know that she doesn’t care about impressing any of us.

Let’s take a minute to talk about her hair. This is a REAL hairstyle – it’s called “The Chelsea”. It’s quite offensive – bleached bangs, long sides, and even two little rattails in the back. I tried to get her from all angles in this post, just so you can get the full experience of The Chelsea.

Liz 4 Liz 5 Liz 6 Liz 7

Day 2 of her “first” day at DJH – Liz wears a red tank over a white tank, and some light wash jeans. She totally looks like she “does it”. Note the shoulder jacket.

Liz 8 Liz 9

Liz sports a kind of boyish look the day after Joey tries to assault her. (ha… okay, seduce) It’s a grey short-sleeved sweatshirt, some capri-length jeans, and some black tennies with white socks. And a scowl.


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