Spike Nelson Fashion 2.3

DJH S2E3: Great Expectations
Airdate: 1988

Spike 1 Spike 2 Spike 3 Spike 4

Spike’s wardrobe, to me, exudes a lot of self-confidence. I love it so much. It says to me that Spike is cool with who she is. Sometimes, the way people wear their clothes, it’s  not as though they got up and *picked them out* – it’s more like, it’s just who they are. If that makes sense. I didn’t pick the clothes, the clothes picked me, if you will.

So, this red and pink combo is fantastic and perhaps one of Spike’s most recognizable ensembles. I’m not sure if her white tee is some kind of band shirt – if you know, do tell! Over the tee she wears a rusty-red vest, and pairs it with pink pants. She’s got various silver rings, bracelets, necklaces on, and some cool black earrings. It’s such a great outfit, she even attracted DJH’s sourpuss, Liz, unfortunately.


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