Spike Nelson Fashion 2.4

DJH S2E4: Dinner and a Show
Aired: 1988

I was so excited when I saw that I get to cover Spike today! Unlike Snake, Joey, and other boys, she’s not monotonously repetitive! Part of me wishes I could be selective in who I cover – but don’t worry, I won’t!

Spike 1 Spike 2 Spike 3 Spike 4

I’m not sure why this shirt reminds me of a Wal-Mart worker upon first glance, but I’m very quickly able to move past it. Alright, so we’ve got an extra large banana yellow t-shirt, with a blue sleeveless shirt layered on top, with a chain necklace. And the best part is the blue and yellow paid skirt that really gives the ensemble that punky edge. It’s hard to make out, but I think she’s donned some ankle boots for this look too.

Spike 5  Spike 7Spike 6

I love the rusty-pink color Spike is sporting today. She’s got a light button down, an open brown vest, a studded belt around the waist, and some darker pants. Note the super cool shoulder bag covered in patches and pins. For such a young’un, Spike really knows who she is and what she likes, and I think that is awesome! She wasn’t really the most multi-faceted character on the show, but her style begs to differ.

Spike 8 Spike 9

I loved Spike’s Doomsday Dinner outfit, but sadly I couldn’t get  better caps. She has SOME type of white band shirt as the base layer – if anyone can identify this shirt, please speak up! Over this shirt, she’s got a deep v red sweater tucked into a black and red checkered skirt, which is held up with black lacy suspenders. I think she’s also got some red tights on. An absolute dream!

Spike 10

The lighting was awful here, but I still thought Spike looked really cool in this collared dress, tights, and grey jacket.


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