Minor Character Fashion 2.5

DJH S2E5: Stagefright
Aired: 1988

rando 2 rando 3

Time for the randos! I’m pretty sure this guy to the right MUST have a name, because he is on the show a lot. Maybe time will tell. So yeah, we will go backwards, from right to left. The guy is that dude who always wears tiny little shorts – maybe he was inspired by Stephanie Kaye. So here he is in tiny little shorts on a bicycle, with a boring old polo. As for the girl, I don’t recognize her, but we are inside the DJH building, where we all know there is very little lighting because apparently building codes in Canada in the 80s didn’t require hallways and classrooms to be well-lit, probably for the purpose of making my blog 30 years later a challenge, so maybe I just can’t make her out. So this chick wears a big – and I mean big – striped polo shirt that looks like it’s a boy’s. It drapes down over a big old white peasant skirt. I must say, this getup looks comfortable.


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