Joey Jeremiah Fashion 2.6

DJH S2E6: Fight!
Aired: 1988

Since I’m sick of Joey, I will try a biased and negative fashion review today.

joey 1 joey 2

Joey got what he deserved when Dwyane shoved him and ripped his shirt. Actually, Joey deserved that simply for wearing this ridiculous getup. He had tried to meld the world of tourist dads and biker gangs with this Hawaiian shirt and jean vest. No wonder Liz isn’t responding to that goofy smile. Derp!

joey 3 joey 4 joey 5

In what world is it okay for a dude to wear cap sleeved shirts? Anyway, Joey’s got this shirt that looks like it came from the little girls’ section, the vest that he thinks makes him as cool as Rick, and some grey mesh fedora that doesn’t match anything else he’s got on. The fact he’s terrified today only makes the cap sleeves more hilarious.

Joey 6 joey 7

And THIS is what defeat looks like. They must have made him wear that for this scene. He’s got on  a humble grey shirt, kind of wrinkled to show he’s given up, but he’s not quelled enough to ditch the fedora for a day.


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