Liz O’Rourke Fashion 2.6

DJH S2E6: Fight!
Aired: 1988

liz 1 liz 2 liz 3 liz 4

Liz wears a soft orange tee cinched in with a black belt, a denim skirt, a small silver chain necklace, and some dangly earrings.

liz 5 liz 6

Despite everything, I do like Liz’s style. She’s sporting her typical layered tank look today. White tank underneath, topped with a purple/red-ringed tank. She compliments the look with black skinny pants, and combat boots with thick white socks.

liz 7

I wish I could have seen this better! This is a bit of an unusual look for Liz. She’s wearing what looks to be a grey dress with a white layer peeking out the bottom. She keeps the getup from being too sweet by adding her white socks and combat boots again.


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