Nancy Kramer Fashion 2.6

DJH S2E6: Fight!
Aired: 1988

nancy 1 nancy 2

So obviously the pinks, peaches, and reds are Nancy’s colors of  choice. She also seems to like white shorts and little white tennies. I’m glad I was able to get so many shots of her this episode.

nancy 3

This was odd in a couple of ways. I’ve never seen the preppy look on Nancy. She’s got on a white button down with the sweater draped over her shoulders in a stereotypically 80s fashion. It kind of works for her and her over-achiever status. And come on, I have to talk about this baseball mitt. Really, she’s holding a baseball mitt? Is she on a softball team? Is she playing catch in that outfit?

Degrassi always shows people involved in sports for a brief moment, or just for one episode. Remember in the old TNG intro where they show Terri in a lacrosse uniform but we never even hear her talk about lacrosse? Remember in TNG Season 2 when the girls are on a floor hockey team? And in DJH we have the girls’ swim team for one episode? And now apparently Nancy plays a little softball on the side. Oh well, I’m not complaining, I don’t even like sports.

Nancy and maya

And lastly we see another preppy look on Nancy: a white button down under an open purple cardigan, and khaki shorts. Very mature, just like Nancy!


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