Liz O’Rourke Fashion 2.10

DJH S2E10: Censored
Aired: 1988

Liz 1liz 2

Wow, it’s time for Liz to get a haircut. The Chelsea is looking a little fluffy. Anyway, time to break down this outfit. It’s a little more complex than what we’ve seen Liz in so far. But I’m happy for her style to evolve. As much as I hate her character, I love her wardrobe. Alright so she’s got a base of a long sleeved black tee. Over it she wears a black and red checkered vest – sufficiently punk rock. She accessorizes with a subtle silver chain necklace, and a loud studded belt. Now for the skirt. It’s got a pattern of random squares in colors of orange and olive green. I can’t say I’m a fan of this skirt, it looks like a rug I have on my kitchen floor. But I admire her bravery in wearing mismatched patterns and colors. And finally, Liz completes it all with some black leggings.

liz 3liz 4liz 5liz 6

It’s no surprise to see Liz in a white tee, jeans, and black boots. But again, she’s gotten more creative with this same formula. She wears this giant decorative belt which has a leather aesthetic. It’s red and has corset lacing. Pretty cool. She also wears a purple jacket over it. Nice to see Liz getting a little more experimental. Hang on, everyone. High school is a’comin. And that’s when stuff gets really interesting.



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