Caitlin Ryan Fashion 2.12

DJH S2E12: He’s Back…
Aired: 1988

caitlin 1 caitlin 2  caitlin 3

So the first Caitlin getup we have today is a nice teal turtleneck sweater, which she wears with a black-and-white vertical striped pencil skirt.

caitlin 4  caitlin 5 fosvely

Next is Caitlin’s purple, red, and blue checkered shirt over a white tee with some black bottoms.

caitlin 6 caitlin 7

And this sweater is awesome! It would be all the rage today. It’s bluish-grey and is covered in fish and 80s squiggles.

caitlin 8 caitlin 9

So, you may remember I’ve pointed out this “FOSVELY” jacket on Vivian Wong. I guess this definitely confirms this was not a personal jacket! Haha. I like how it’s matched with pink gloves, a pink scarf, and a pink skirt. No such thing as too much pink!


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