Lucy Fernandez Fashion 2.12

DJH S2E12: He’s Back…
Aired: 1988

lucy 1

lucy 2

lucy 3

Lucy!!! First off, we have Lucy in a yellow top with a super cute black overall jumper – would you call this a jumper in North America? Anyway, I love overalls/suspenders/etc. so this is great. She accessorizes with a yellow scarf that creates a turtleneck look, and a silver flower pendant, and, it’s the 80s so scrunchie.

lucy 5

lucy 6

lucy 7

I am completely fixated with the idea of wearing a shirt with your own name on the front. I think it is hilarious! In fact, back in college, before I knew this was a real thing (you know, since airbrushed t-shirts you get made at the beach have your name on the BACK,) I made myself a shirt with my name on the front because I thought that was the silliest idea. Lo and behold, it’s a total thing at Degrassi. So here’s Lucy in a yellow cropped sweatshirt decorated with sparkly curly cursive “Lucy” splayed across the front. She’s got a pink shirt underneath, a big ol’ pink scarf around her head, some dark jeans, RED socks (what?) and black slip-ons.

lucy 8 lucy 9

lucy 10

lucy 11

We are taking a break from the yellow now. I’m loving this getup as well. White mid-length skirt, tights, a baggy green sweater with a belt around the waist, a shimmery neck scarf, and a big cute bow on the head!

lucy 12

The lighting here is weird so it’s hard to make out Lucy’s skirt. She’s wearing her purple jacket, and the skirt has ruffled layers and looks like it might be blue and pink! Wish I could have seen it better.


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