Daniel Raditch Fashion 3.2

DJH S3E2: Can’t Live With ‘Em Part 2
Aired: 1988

raditch 1.png

Okay y’all so here is Mr. Raditch and a friend attending the Wheelers’ funeral in tan trenchcoats. But more importantly, here is my theory. My theory is that this guy to the left of Mr. Raditch is Principal Lawrence – you know, that guy we hear on the intercom throughout DJH but never see? And you know… if you look up his actor, John Bertram, on IMDB, I’d say this is definitely a possibility. That could mean that everything we’ve been told is wrong. (“Principal Lawrence never actually makes an appearance on Degrassi”.) I’m inserting a picture of John Bertram below. This pic came from IMDB. Observe and use this information to come to your own conclusion. Have I made a ground-breaking discovery here?

John Bertram Picture


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