Wheels Wheeler Fashion 3.2

DJH S3E2: Can’t Live With ‘Em Part 2
Aired: 1988

wheels 1 wheels 2

Wheels’s somber funeral ensemble includes a shirt and a (VERY) skinny tie under a dark trenchcoat.

wheels 3  wheels 5 wheels 6 wheels 7

Poor Wheels doesn’t have much of an interest in style right now (after losing his parents). But I still love the light jean jacket, which is layered over an open red striped shirt and grey tee.

wheels 4

Wheels’s nightmare scene is quite terrifying to me still, no matter how many times I watch it. But anyway, who sleeps with their button down PJ shirt unbuttoned? Is that a thing?

wheels 8

And finally, one more outfit of basically the same ingredients. No need to break this down for you.



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