Minor Character Fashion 3.3

DJH S3E3: Big Girl Now
Aired: 1988

Time for our randos.

rando 1

Random kid in random patterned polo which we do not see on  young boys today – and I’m not sure if we ever will.

rando 2

DO YOU KNOW WHAT I JUST REALIZED!? Lunch ladies wore orange in DJH, and lunch ladies were STILL wearing orange in TNG! (Picture Sheila!) What a legacy. Also, I guess hair nets weren’t required by health regulations in the 80s.

rando 3

This cool-lookin chick is wearing an awesome beige sleeveless dress with button detail layered over a dark tank. I love this look!

rando 4

Here’s some drunk dude fraternizing with Clutch in an orange polo and brown bomber jacket.


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