Joey Jeremiah Fashion 3.5

DJH S3E5: Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Aired: 1988

joey 1joey 2joey 3

I guess we should appreciate these tired outfits while we can because I think Joey’s wardrobe gets a bit of a revamp in Degrassi High. For the time being, enjoy this red Hawaiian shirt + fedora that we’ve seen like 50 times, with skinny jeans and white shoes.

joey 4

Oh, and here’s the same hat with that one yellow and black Hawaiian shirt. Gotta appreciate, as always, the realistic repetitiveness of everyone’s wardrobe. But I’m not too big on Joey in this episode.

joey 5joey 6

And here’s Joey wearing the same hat a third time, to the dance, with this super hilarious tuxedo tee because he’s such a funny guy.

joey 7

And finally, Joey’s wearing the red hat AGAIN with a green Hawaiian shirt and jean vest. Trying to understand why Caitlin thinks he’s a jerk. Get with it, Joey.


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