Trudi Owens Fashion 3.5

DJH S3E5: Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Aired: 1988

Biggest Trudi haul ever right here!

trudi 1 trudi 2 trudi 3  trudi 4

Trudi is really freakin cool. But she also seems really intimidating to me. I feel like, if I went to DJH, I might, maybe be her friend, if she liked me, but I would always be a bit scared of her on the inside. Ever had a friend like that? I have. Like, she’s my friend, but I ain’t gonna try to make her mad. Ever. So in addition to the rad red mohawk deal, Trudi wears a beautiful red and white striped shirt reminiscent of a candy cane. She cinches it in with a red belt and completes the look with some khaki shorts. Also, as a bonus, she has a cute dangly cross earring, but only one of course.

trudi 5

I know I know I know someone else has worn this shirt. I can’t remember right now. Liz? Anyway, here’s trendy Trudi in a yellow and black checkered shirt.

trudi 6

And finally for the dance, Trudi really keeps the red motif going in a red and black dress.


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