Snake Simpson Fashion 3.6: Snake Segment

DJH S3E6: He Ain’t Heavy…
Aired: 1988

snake-1snake-1 snake-2 snake-3 snake-4

Snake’s segment today shows him in a personalized, bedazzled t-shirt, reading “Snake”, in case he or anyone else forgets what his name is. I also like how Snake doesn’t follow all those rules like “redheads and blondes shouldn’t wear yellow or orange”. You know what he does instead? He wears a crapton of yellow and orange.

I might’ve mentioned this before, but in college I thought of this funny concept: how hilarious would it be if someone wore a shirt with their own name on it? So I made a shirt with my own name on it because I thought it was the stupidest idea ever. Turns out…. only a couple of decades before… it was an actual thing.

snake-5 snake-6

Poor mopey-dopey Snake. Despite his distress over his brother’s sexual orientation, Snake still tries to dress with pride, in a t-shirt whose neck is overstretched, and of course more orange.


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