Minor Character Fashion 3.7: Rando Review

DJH S3E7: The Whole Truth
Aired: 1988


Had to capture this random boy’s crazy striped shorts which remind me of the crappy candy grandmas keep in their candy dish which were actually left over from the previous year and your last visit.

rando-2rando-3 rando-7

And this girl teaches us that the next time you’re not sure how to accessorize your girl-polo, just throw on a beret. And Mr. Raditch won’t take it off your head like he takes off Joey’s hat!


This rando looks pretty cool in a pink shirt with a green vest. Bring back the vests y’all!


I don’t know why this chick doesn’t hang out with Spike, she seems so cool! She’s sporting an edgy hairdo, a big band tee, and a vest. Man… I seriously want to start werkin the vests.


And here’s that one girl who hangs out with Tessa, wearing that one shirt we’ve already seen her in.


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