Minor Character Fashion 3.8: Rando Review

DJH S3E8: Star-Crossed
Aired: 1989

We get a lot of style variety from the randos this episode.

First, this girl is wearing a white top with a cute bluish skater skirt.

Next, a girl wears a long multicolored plaid dress.

Third, the nameless yet ever-present boy that I want to call “Hank” is wearing some wild patterned shorts with a polo.

Fourth are the total jerks who like to pick fights. Looking drab as heck in jeans and tees. Wow, impressive…

Fifth, here’s another male teacher in a shirt that seems a bit too tight, a tie, and 80s glasses.

Next is a teacher? student? in a super casual shirt with a more formal black pencil skirt. Interesting juxtaposition.

Our seventh rando is that super cool girl whose name we still don’t know. She is legitimately wearing shorts with frogs on them. That is amazing. Topped with a yellow sweater.

And finally, here’s Dorothy’s friend in the only shirt she seems to wear lately: a blue polo.


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