Caitlin Ryan Fashion 3.10: Caitlin Clothes

DJH S3E10: Twenty Bucks
Aired: 1989

Caitlin gets a lot of screen time in this episode. Because she is the pawn in a bet for Joey to win 20 bucks. WHY DOES SHE EVER FORGIVE HIM. Anyway, first she’s in a baby blue tee under a plaid tank, with some sick mom jeans. Next is a peachy tee with some high waisted slacks and a belt. And let’s not forget that ankh necklace she wears for like ever. Following that is a glimpse of a dark jean jacket. After that, a blue button down with some blue checkered slacks. For her terrible date with Joey, she looks sweet as can be in a multicolored sweater. And finally, there’s that striped tee with some weird graphic on it that’s not really worth mentioning.


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