Melanie Brodie Fashion 3.10: Melanie Moment

DJH S3E10: Twenty Bucks
Aired: 1989

Melanie is the star of the freakin show today and look at this wide array of her slightly dorky styles we have to review! First of all, she meets her friends at the soda shop to display her newly un-braced teeth and blow all her money on Cokes.She’s wearing a blue checkered shirt and then a matching tie and skirt in this weird off-red color. She ties the look together with some tiny white slip on sneakers or something.

Next up is a yellow checkered shirt with a rounded collar and a plaid tie that’s all messed up, maybe it’s supposed to be like that.

Following that we have something a touch different. A blue sweater vest over a green shirt with a floral skirt and a headband.

Fourth: I know there’s probably a word for this type of collat but I don’t know it. Melanie wears her off-red skirt with an open red vest over this stripedy blouse. Once again, a nice break from the excessive neckties.

And finally, it’s Christmas in this red plaid shirt with a green skirt and tie. (It’s not really Christmas.)




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