Carol ____ Fashion 3.13: Rando Review

DJH S3E13: Making Whoopee
Aired: 1989

Oh Carol. You seem alright, but you’ve put us all in an uncomfortable situation.

First she strolls into the scene with a long green jacket, long skirt, and neck a floral bow, smilin like she belongs there. Then she waltzes in to pat us on the head while wearing her work uniform, accentuating her in all the right places, driving Arthur’s dad to pat her booty right in front of us. And finally, she has the audacity to saunter into Parents Night like some impostor, wearing a mustard blouse, that same green jacket, and another neck bow. Luckily we keep it 100 so we told her how it is right there at the entrance of the building. Last time we ever saw her. Shut DOOWWWWN

Okay on a serious note, I don’t hate Carol. I realize this was a very complicated and touchy situation for everyone. I see from everyone’s point of view, but I wrote the above paragraph from something like Arthur’s POV šŸ˜‰


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