Melanie Brodie Fashion 3.13: Melanie Moment

DJH S3E13: Making Whoopee
Aired: 1989

This is an episode chock-full of Melanie, and she so gracefully exemplifies, as Emma Nelson might say, “general pubescent awkwardness”. Her color palette is never something that really resonated with me, but it’s definitely distinct. Let’s jump right in.

Outfit 1 is a maroon cardigan over a blue button down with a weird neck bow thing. The kicker is these crazy plaid pants which she has cuffed to a confusing length, to show off her tall black socks and her little rusty-colored oxfords.

Outfit 2 is the one where she’s really trying to pick up Snake. She’s got a plan to execute and has dressed to seduce. She sports a long sleeved pumpkin colored button down, with a navy floral vest and matching tie. To complete the look she wears a navy skirt and a nice dark red shade of lipstick on her teeth.  But seriously though, I feel really bad for Melanie when she has that lipstick on her teeth. We can all relate.

And finally, for Outfit 3, Melanie is cute as a bumblebee with this crazy black and yellow plaid skirt, yellow shirt, and red tie. Always with those harsh colors, man.


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