Tim O’Conner Fashion 3.13: Tim Time

DJH S3E13: Making Whoopee
Aired: 1989

OMG! Tim is in the spotlight for 15 seconds! I like Tim a lot, especially in High. But I feel like initially they weren’t sure where they were going with his character. Was he gonna be a mean guy that hung out with Joey, or was he gonna be a sweetheart that hung out with Nancy? Though I tell ya, the guy had a major slip up in High. Liz told him she wanted to go AS FRIENDS to a concert and he said “OF COURSE” and then he STILL tried to lay one on her. Ugh.

Anyway, I really like Tim’s stance in this episode. I mean, he’s kind of a square, not taking the acid and all, but he is doing such a good job being involved with Shane and calling Luke out on his crap. First he is wearing that stripedy shirt that he wears every darn day but then apparently he got one new shirt, this nice blue and brown flannel.


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