Liz O’Rourke Fashion 3.14: Liz Looks

DJH S3E14: Black and White
Aired: 1989

I feel the need to re-specify a few things. I hate Liz. She’s the worst. She is grumpy and negative and hateful. I can never forgive her for the huge wrongs she’s committed, and all the little things she does irk me. However, I think she is gorgeous and she generally has great style. I wish she wasn’t a butt face because otherwise we might be friends. And none of these statements have anything to do with her actor, Cathy Keenan. But yeah Liz makes me feel some type of way lately because she seems cool, but she’s a jerk face.

First Liz stalks the halls in this blue and black striped shirt, mini skirt, leggings, and white socks. Then, she layers it on – a flannel under a sweater, and topped outside by a jacket.


2 thoughts on “Liz O’Rourke Fashion 3.14: Liz Looks

  1. Lillian

    I love Degrassi! But I mainly love Liz and Spike’s style, even if Liz can be an angry bitch, they both have style! I also love Caitlin’s. Thanks for making such a cool blog!

    Liked by 1 person


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