Lucy Fernandez Fashion 3.14: Lucy Love

DJH S3E14: Black and White
Aired: 1989

These are the posts I enjoy making the most. (Hey, that rhymed!) Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. My love for you is eternal. I gotta say, she was way different in Junior High. It wasn’t exactly a realistic shift in who her character became. She went from IDGAF-about-school-and-I-shoplift to valedictorian. Whatever. Once she gets over the shoplifting and “too cool for school” thing, she’s perfect. IMO 😉 Anyway, on to the outfit. First she wears this cartoony jacket with a headband, and then, ahhh this gorgeous yellow and black v-neck sweater with a sweet side braid tied with a yellow ribbon. Lovely, Lucy!


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