Caitlin Ryan Fashion 3.16: Caitlin Clothes

DJH S3E16: Bye-Bye, Junior High!
Aired: 1989

How do I even begin to write this? There’s a lot going on with Caitlin this episode. So first, she’s wearing this cropped V-neck tee over another tee, with her weird stewardess brooch. Peeking out from under the tee is that gorgeous corset-style belt, and the finishes the look with a burgundy skirt. Next is this darling rainbow pastel sweater that brings tears to my eyes. (I have a thing for rainbow sweaters.) She pairs it with green bottoms. Okay, now let’s get to what really matters. The freakin dance ensemble. Why don’t we ever get better shots of the clothes that matter? You know that today’s Degrassi would be pannin up and down, zoomin in and out, and lettin Caitlin spin around full length for the audience! Caitlin grooms her floofy hair back into a chic updo. She wears a deep red velvet long sleeve turtleneck dress. It’s divine. But then there’s the accessories. I don’t know what you call this thing across her chest. It’s almost like a necklace, attached to each shoulder, cascading sparkles in layers across her front. Finally, a nice thick belt, also covers in sparkles, brings her to a whole new level of QUEEN.


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