Spike Nelson Fashion 3.16: Spike Slay

DJH S3E16: Bye-Bye, Junior High!
Aired: 1989

So here we are, we’ve powered through this episode to the point where we can finally see Spike slay once again. First she’s rockin the shiny DJH swag….. ugh I’m eternally jealous. Under it she’s got a pale blue sweater and a striped skirt. She ain’t in the best of moods today. Then she gets chewed out by Ms. Avery on an inappropriately personal level while wearing a striped tee, black vest, miniskirt, and leggings. I love this outfit. And FINALLY. For the dance. She’s actually smiling. She wears a fitted grey long sleeve belted dress and I really feel like this lace drape-collar thing has a proper name which I do not know. She wears giant dangly drop earrings and I can’t believe she goes up to Ms. Avery with a smile because I would never talk to her again out of fear.


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