Clutch Fashion 3.15: Clutch Coolness

DJH S3E15: Pa-arty!
Aired: 1989

For someone who doesn’t dress that excitingly, I sure captured a lot of Clutch, huh? Well, to be honest, seeing closeups of Clutch are so rare and his hair is so great that I just screenshotted as much as I could. First you will notice he is wearing a light blue hoodie and… what seems to be overall khakis with the straps hanging down? Outdoors he wears a puffy navy jacket. To the “afterparty” he wears a cream sweater. This party is the moment that… I should really be turned away from Clutch – this really isn’t a forgivable situation. I don’t condone it. But for some reason… I still like Clutch. Maybe it’s the hair.


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