Erica Farrell Fashion 4.3: Erica Ensembles

DH S1E3: Breaking up is Hard to Do
Aired: 1989

Poor Erica. She’s looking a little rough. It’s post-procedure now for her, and she’s a tad bit down. I wonder if it’s because of how SHE feels, or because of how she thinks other people would feel if they knew. It’s probably a combination of a lot.  Well, even on her darkest of days, she is still bae. She’s wearing her grey and black ringer tee, zebra striped skirt, and a big grey jacket. Also her cross necklace.

I’m suddenly reminded of DTNG S7 when word gets out that Darcy “did the deed” so her fellow Christian friend Kim publicly shames her and demands she take off her abstinence ring. Ugh.


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