Erica Farrell Fashion 4.5: Erica Ensembles

DH S1E5: Everybody Wants Something
Aired: 1989

So, Erica is still not dressing like her normal self, but she seems to be making it okay. She’s still sticking to greys and such, almost as if she is trying to lay low. But she’s smiling a bit more, and there’s that famous shot of her in her underwear, enjoy, everybody! I am glad she came equipped with pants on the day she was forced to beat Liz’s ass. That scene gets me so pumped. I only wish Erica had gotten a few more shots in. Sorry, I know, violence is not the answer, but I gotta say, that was a really satisfying moment. Idk why I didn’t save any screenshots from it, it was probably too blurry.


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