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Doris Bell Fashion 3.16: Doris Decor

DJH S3E16: Bye-Bye, Junior High!
Aired: 1989


I guess this is the last time we see Doris! How sad! She says goodbye to us, at the school dance, with an updo and a fluttery mauvey dress.


Doris Bell Fashion 2.13: Doris Decor

DJH S3E12: Taking Off, Part 2
Aired: 1989

LOL! Does Doris look judgy or whar?! Doris comes to collect Luke for the police and is quite eager to hear what this is all about. She wears a blouse of pastel vertical stripes, a black skirt, her glasses around her neck, and of course an updo.

Doris Bell Fashion 3.4

DJH S3E4: Season’s Greetings
Aired: 1988

doris 1 doris 2

Doris is looking especially festive and tropical. She hardly ever shows her arms! She’s wearing an all-over print of blue, red, and green floral over a black background.

Paul Fashion 3.3

DJH S3E3: Big Girl Now
Aired: 1988

paul 1 paul 2 paul 3 paul 4

Paul totally sucks in this episode so I’m not going to compliment him. Here are the facts: Big ol’ glasses, grade school colored jacket, and some weird top with concealed front

paul 5

Paul tries to holla at Lucy in this grandfatherly colorful plaid shirt. It ain’t gonna happen, Paul.

Doris Bell Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

doris 1

Doris is working hard as always in her brown and blue floral dress and those thick-framed glasses perched on the end of her nose. Dang, is she ever gonna let her hair down?

doris 2

Doris has a really cool relaxed look for the dance but it was just too dark for me to catch it for you. She’s got a teal, flowy, shiny top and some earrings that are more decorative than usual.