Quicklinks! Below you can click to view outfits from specific seasons or episodes.


DJHS1E1: Kiss Me Steph

DJHS1E2: The Big Dance

DJHS1E3: The Experiment

DJHS1E4: The Cover-Up

DJHS1E5: The Great Race

DJHS1E6: Rumour Has It

DJHS1E7: The Best Laid Plans

DJHS1E8: Nothing to Fear

DJHS1E9: What a Night!

DJHS1E10: Smokescreen

DJHS1E11: It’s Late!

DJHS1E12: Parent’s Night


DJHS2E1: Eggbert

DJHS2E2: A Helping Hand…

DJHS2E3: Great Expectations

DJHS2E4: Dinner and a Show

DJHS2E5: Stage Fright

DJHS2E6: Fight!

DJHS1E7: Bottled Up

DJHS2E8: Sealed with a Kiss

DJHS2E9: Dog Days

DJHS2E10: Censored

DJHS2E11: Trust Me

DJHS2E12: He’s Back…

DJHS2E13: Pass Tense


DJHS3E1: Can’t Live with ‘Em Part 1

DJHS3E2: Can’t Live with ‘Em Part 2

DJHS3E3: Big Girl Now

DJHS3E4: Season’s Greetings

DJHS3E5: Loves Me, Loves Me Not

DJHS3E6: He Ain’t Heavy

DJHS3E7: The Whole Truth

DJHS3E8: Star-Crossed

DJHS3E9: Food for Thought

DJHS3E10: Twenty Bucks

DJHS3E11: Taking Off, Part 1

DJHS3E12: Taking Off, Part 2

DJHS3E13: Making Whoopee

DJHS3E14: Black and White

DJHS3E15: Pa-arty!

DJHS3E16: Bye Bye, Junior High!


DHS1E1: A New Start Part 1

DHS1E1: A New Start Part 2

DHS1E3: Breaking up is Hard to do

DHS1E4: Dream On

DHS1E5: Everybody Wants Something



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