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Bronco Davis Fashion 4.9: Bronco Bliss

DH S1E9: Sixteen Part 1
Aired: 1990


Bronco is looking SUPER cool and honestly I’m afraid that there is a purpose behind this color combo that I am unaware of. Anyway, he wears this matching shirt and shorts set, white with green, yellow, and red stripes.



Bronco Davis Fashion 4.5: Bronco Bliss

DH S1E5: Everybody Wants Something
Aired: 1989

bronco 1.png

Here’s Bronco in well, a pretty boring outfit – a tee and khaki shorts. But he does have his cool little leathery multicolored cap on.

Bronco Davis Fashion 4.4: Bronco Bliss

DH S1E4: Dream On
Aired: 1989

bronco 1

Oh look, we’ve got us a little Bronco moment here. It’s been a minute. For now he’s just lookin like a regular Joe with a tucked in shirt, jeans, and a cap.

Bronco Davis Fashion 4.1: Bronco Bliss

DH S1E1: A New Start
Aired: 1989

bronco 1

Well, you can’t really see him that well. But here’s a look at Bronco, wearing that hat that somehow reminds me of a soccer ball, with a tee and open  button down.

Bronco Davis Fashion 3.3

DJH S3E3: Big Girl Now
Aired: 1988

bronco 1 bronco 2

Yes! I guess this is Bronco’s first appearance! Bronco’s style is so cool and different! He’s wearing what looks like a bomber jacket mixed with a varsity jacket, and a crazy cool grey sweater with zany purple and green designs.