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Erica Farrell Fashion 3.15: Erica Ensembles

DJH S3E15: Pa-arty!
Aired: 1989

First Erica is sporting a typical black and white striped long sleeve tee. But for the party, oh wow, BABE ALERT – she wears an updo, a scarf, mini skirt, and hoes. And for the final outfit, I really like how she’s matched up these elements we’ve all seen before – lots and lots of polka dots!


Tim O’Conner Fashion 3.16: Tim Time

DJH S3E16: Bye-Bye, Junior High!
Aired: 1989

tim 1.png

Well I’ll be derned. Tim is sure as heck wearing that same shirt he wears almost every day, to the DANCE. He’s tried to hide the truth under a cream sweater… but I see you Tim.

Heather Farrell Fashion 3.16: Heather Heaven

DJH S3E16: Bye-Bye, Junior High!
Aired: 1989

Heather-babe rocks a side half pony in, what else but black and white! Then for the dance she wears a dress that Erica has already worn to a previous dance, but maybe no one notices.

Erica Farrell Fashion 3.7: Erica Ensemble

DJH S3E7: The Whole Truth
Aired: 1988


I can’t really remember why I bothered to screenshot this out of focus obscure crude shot. Oh well, here’s Erica with a white tee, black skirt, and white spandex shorts underneath.