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Amy Holmes/Allison Hunter Fashion 4.10: Amy & Allison Amalgamation

DH S1E10: Sixteen Part 2
Aired: 1990

Amy and Allison are dressed like what I would imagine the true quintessential 80s popular girls would wear – REAL life popular girls, not TV ones, you know? So first, Amy is wearing this neon tee with the sleeves cuffed, somehow making the tee look a lot cooler. Allison is wearing a shirt – I can’t tell if it’s a boat neck or if it’s just stretched out. But who cares? She’s popular! She also wears this amazing flower earrings.

And then, for the video to LD, Amy is looking FOINE in lime green, while Allison is lookin like she borrowed a shirt from Snake.


Amy Holmes/Allison Hunter Fashion 4.3: Amy & Allison Amalgamation

DH S1E3: Breaking up is Hard to Do
Aired: 1989

No sense in splitting them up I guess. Whatever. Maybe I’ll go back and split them up later.  Allison wears a blue tee with a strange smock-looking pink thing over it, complete with some curly bangs and some awesome flower earrings. Amy is a total babe still, even making t-shirts look cool. Idk how. When I wear a t-shirt, I look like I just rolled out of bed or something.

Amy Holmes/Allison Hunter Fashion 3.15: Amy & Allison Amalgamation

DJH S3E15: Pa-arty!
Aired: 1989

Amy and Allison are douchey AF at Lucy’s party – the way they skip out when everyone starts helping Lucy clean up? Okay, these pics are kind of out of order but there’s a shot of them at school, Allison in a greenish sweatshirt and Amy in a blue one. Then for the party, Amy looks super cute in this mint and pink getup. Although the shirt has some sort of a brooch right there at the collar which reminds me of a cowboy. Yee-haw! Allison wears a flannely jacket over a button down – not really her usual style but still cool.